2-Hour Patient Guarantee

2-Hour Guarantee Overview

The 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee program from BioPlus guarantees quick turn-around from patient referral to acceptance, with physicians, patients, and patient foundations all benefiting from the program. BioPlus raises the bar for the entire specialty pharmacy industry with this program.

BioPlus 2-Hour Patient Acceptance

Dr. Stephen Vogt, CEO/President, 2014


This program guarantees notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether their referred patients can be admitted pending insurance qualifications or are non-admitted and need to be sent to another pharmacy. This program collapses the wait time for patients and their doctors from days down to a mere two hours, making BioPlus 84 times faster than other specialty pharmacies. With other specialty pharmacies, most patients and doctors wait days to find out if other specialty pharmacies can fill their prescription, creating anxiety for patients and wasted time in follow-up calls for the physicians.

Since the 2-Hour Guarantee was introduced in April 2013, the response from prescribing physicians and patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone involved is enjoying how it streamlines the treatment process for both patients and providers.

BioPlus pairs this 2-Hour program with a community partnering “Pay It Forward” campaign. For every referral exceeding two hours, BioPlus makes a donation in the physician’s name to a non-profit patient foundation; a smaller donation is still made for every referral processed within the guaranteed time.

In addition to donating to patient foundations, BioPlus connects patients, as needed, to these foundations through our Patient Foundation Assistance program. Last year, we successfully linked BioPlus patients to $33 million in foundation grants and co-pay assistance to help cover their high co-pays and deductibles.

BioPlus has a nationwide network of direct relationships with medical practitioners who treat specialty diseases. We provide information about therapies approaching FDA approval, study data, and education about best practices relevant to specialized therapies. We are dedicated to service through informing, educating, and supporting providers in the interest of improving patient outcomes. In essence, we are the physicians’ partner in effective management of specialty illnesses through end-to-end education, monitoring, and analysis of the therapy process.

Pay It Forward, since its inception in 2013, has provided $180,000 in donations to multiple non-profit patient foundations.

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