Pay It Forward

BioPlus Pay It Forward Program

The Pay It Forward program was created as part of the 2-Hour Patient Guarantee program that launched in 2013.    The 2-Hour program guarantees physicians an answer in two hours as to whether a referred patient can be admitted (pending insurance qualifications) or are non-admitted and will need to be transferred to another pharmacy.

The Pay It Forward program links closely to BioPlus’ 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee which ensures patients and their physicians a fast turn-around from patient referral to acceptance.

Through this program, BioPlus sends contributions to a number of patient foundations for every referral received:

  • $2 to a patient foundation for every referral received from a physician that makes the two hour deadline.
  • $10 to a patient foundation for every referral that exceeds the two hour guarantee.

Paying It Forward

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