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Who are we? We are the first specialty pharmacy to introduce a two hour turnaround from referral to patient acceptance. BioPlus… Where healing begins in 2 hours. Our company celebrates 27 years of excellence in specialty pharmacy, working closely with payers and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as with prescribers to get prompt treatment for patients, and directly supporting our patients nationwide to achieve optimal health outcomes.

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HCV Treatment Path App

This app provides up-to-date treatment guidelines for health care practitioners, based on information from the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) and other credible, scientific sources.

Numerous new direct-acting oral medications to treat HCV have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over the past few years, with several approved in just the past few months. BioPlus developed this app to better meet prescriber’s specialty pharmacy needs of connecting to the latest treatment information about hepatitis C.

HCV Treatment Path  HCV Treatment Path
HCV Treatment Path HCV Checklist
HCV Treatment Path HCV News & Updates
HCV Treatment Path Classification & Evidence
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‘IRIS Insights’ Payer Dashboard

The IRIS Insights dashboard meets the multiple needs for information and collaboration of payers with the goal of optimizing patient outcomes at the most efficient cost. Everyone from patients, prescribers, manufacturers, PBMs, and pharmacy feel the impact of economic payer issues, which is why a new technology like IRIS Insights serves as a welcome answer – it offers actionable data that can be leveraged to drive down costs in specialty pharmacy.

$15 million in savings for BioPlus payers in the previous year!

Interventional Savings
Supportive Drug Costs
Average SVR Rates
Average MPR
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BioPlus Health Mobile

Where Health and Education Come Together!

BioPlus Health provide patients a place to access their patient dashboard, get answers to questions about their health concerns, and learn about the latest advances in treatments.

– Prescription History

– Refill on Medications

– Videos & Transcripts

– Latest Health News

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