Our Commitment to Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

As the first and only specialty pharmacy to offer a two-hour turnaround from referral to patient acceptance, BioPlus’ 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee gives a quick response to prescribers and patients for critical, time-sensitive treatments.

It’s always easy to refer and fast to start treatment with BioPlus. Getting prescriptions from the script pad to the patient’s door has never been faster than with our RxExpress service, including our 2-Day Ready to Ship. Patients begin healing quickly and prescribers can focus on treatment while BioPlus removes prior authorization barriers (as well as handling any appeals) and navigates patients through financial assistance options. BioPlus has transformed specialty pharmacy from a price-based model to a value-based delivery system.

The difference is clear in loyalty from our patients and physicians, as well as our #1 ranking in Hepatitis C from the Zitter Health Insights’ Office Staff Satisfaction Survey.

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