Researchers recently identified a new sub-type of multiple sclerosis: myelocortical MS. This additional sub-type of multiple sclerosis adds clarity to the growing understanding of MS. It was nearly 20 years ago that an international gathering of multiple sclerosis experts established the then-current classifications of MS. At that time, MS classifications included four types: Relapsing-remitting MS […]

Many parts of the country continue to enjoy summer weather, but fall is just around the corner. And that means flu season is on the way. Influenza vaccinations continue to offer the best way to avoid coming down with the flu. Flu shots can’t protect against every case of the flu, but for the small […]

Carrying around extra pounds can increase the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis – but the relationship between weight and this autoimmune disease actually isn’t as cut and dried as it first appears. First, it should be acknowledged that as body fat and waist circumference goes up, so does the chance of rheumatoid arthritis. Upwards of […]

New guidelines for treating hepatitis C infections came out from the World Health Organization. These replace and update WHO’s 2016 recommendations. Certainly a lot has changed in just the past three years – all of it comes as great news for anyone carrying the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The key take-away from these comprehensive new […]

Cancer treatment options continue to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients across the board, which is excellent news! However, the costs of treatment can sometimes keep treatment out of reach for patients; it’s a heartbreaking situation when finances interfere with treatment access. Just how often do financial barriers actually get in the way […]

Multiple sclerosis doesn’t appear out of nowhere. In the few years prior to a diagnosis, people tend to have a handful of symptoms that may serve as a warning sign of trouble ahead. Here’s what happened: a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia set up the largest study of its kind, examining […]

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