As we get our bearings at the start of 2019, it’s worth a moment to look back on 2018 and note the many significant developments in the world of hepatitis C. With today’s medications offering a real chance at a cure for most hepatitis C cases, it’s disappointing that there are still more than 2 […]

At the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco last week, there was not only talk in many of the meetings about new pharmaceuticals coming to market for many health conditions, but I also heard buzz about the impact generics will have on cost savings this coming year for a variety of diseases. […]

Welcome to 2019: a year that holds some exciting developments for multiple sclerosis medication choices. There are a number of new medications which have reached the late stage of product development and testing; this means at least a few of these should become available this year. Currently, there are nine key medications that are FDA […]

Multiple sclerosis is a complex autoimmune disease of the central nervous system which develops when the protective myelin sheath surrounding nerve cells is attacked by the body’s own immune system. These nerve cells, when stripped of myelin, no longer function properly and symptoms such as numbness, difficulty walking, slurred speech, and vision loss develop. New […]

When you think of psoriasis, you probably think about the skin. It is true that this disease primarily causes skin symptoms – that of itchy or sore patches of thick, reddened skin covered with silvery scales. However, psoriasis has also now been linked to a higher risk of a liver ailment known as nonalcoholic fatty […]

Painful, swollen joints are the calling card of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which afflicts nearly 1.3 million Americans. This disease develops when the immune system mistakenly targets and damages the linings of joints. Long before the classic symptoms of joint pain and swelling develop, it seems likely that early symptoms occur, which are often overlooked. A […]

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