Getting vaccinated against influenza has never been more important. Public health officials recommend flu vaccines for everyone 6 months or older with only a few exceptions. This even holds true for cancer patients. Flu shots benefit those getting treated for cancer in the obvious way: that is, they are much less likely to get the […]

It’s never much fun to face a serious health condition, but having a pharmacist in direct communication with a patient makes things less stressful for patients. In fact, patient access to pharmacists who provide personal education and answers about newly prescribed medications are a key to higher levels of patient satisfaction, according new research presented […]

Biosimilar medications are less expensive versions of already approved biologic medications used for cancer, autoimmune, and other diseases. Although there can be some confusion by the public, biosimilars are actually different than generic versions of a brand-name drug. Biosimilars are similar, but not identical, to the original medications. Since 2015, the FDA has approved 14 […]

The improved availability and access to generic oncology medications means that effective, affordable treatment has never been more accessible to your oncology patients. Generic oncology medications offer the same pharmacological effects at a more modest cost. In fact, the price for a generic version of a medication – according to a study of all medications, […]

When it comes to cancer risk, there is no safe amount of alcohol intake. In fact, even moderate drinking – which means 1-2 drinks each day – over a number of years increases the overall cancer risk by 5%. This is important information for the general public to know, particularly for those already at increased […]

For the estimated 1 million Americans with multiple sclerosis, the symptoms of this disease do not necessarily end at the physical body. Sure, tingling, numbness, balance problems, and vision loss are hallmark difficulties of multiple sclerosis; but there are other issues that have a significant impact on quality of life. Namely: cognitive and mental health […]

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