New guidelines for treating hepatitis C infections came out from the World Health Organization. These replace and update WHO’s 2016 recommendations. Certainly a lot has changed in just the past three years – all of it comes as great news for anyone carrying the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The key take-away from these comprehensive new […]

Cancer treatment options continue to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients across the board, which is excellent news! However, the costs of treatment can sometimes keep treatment out of reach for patients; it’s a heartbreaking situation when finances interfere with treatment access. Just how often do financial barriers actually get in the way […]

Multiple sclerosis doesn’t appear out of nowhere. In the few years prior to a diagnosis, people tend to have a handful of symptoms that may serve as a warning sign of trouble ahead. Here’s what happened: a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia set up the largest study of its kind, examining […]

July 28th of every year is World Hepatitis Day; this year the theme is “Find the Missing Millions.” This year’s focus is on the 300 million people living with viral hepatitis worldwide who simply don’t know that they have one of these diseases. This is why the July 28, 2018 campaign aims to raise awareness […]

The calling card of psoriasis is uncomfortable skin symptoms, such as red patches of dry, cracked skin. However, the more researchers look into this disease, the more they discover that psoriasis affects many different areas of the body, beyond the skin. Conversely, health conditions affecting non-skin parts of the body may also affect the risk […]

Hepatitis C and pregnancy have a complicated relationship. Pregnancy itself does not appear to worsen the course of hepatitis C infection and a woman should wait to be treated for the infection until after pregnancy. Of course, there is understandable concern of how a hepatitis C infection in a woman can affect her unborn child. […]

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