More than 1.5 million U.S. adults experience the swollen joints and pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis can include medications ranging from over-the-counter painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) to disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) such as Xeljanz and biologics such as Humira and Remicade. In the past, it was common for a healthcare […]

As a specialty pharmacy helping patients get treatment for cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic conditions, it’s clear to us that the treatment process affects more than just the patient. Each patient is connected to family members and other loved ones who are deeply invested in the outcome, as well as potentially serving […]

Crohn’s disease, along with another condition called ulcerative colitis, are both conditions in the category of inflammatory bowel disease. Approximately 1.6 million Americans have been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases, with each year another 70,000 cases in the U.S. getting the news of these digestive diseases. Originally, the primary treatments for Crohn’s disease relied on […]

With November being Healthy Skin Month, it’s the perfect time to give some extra attention to issues facing those with psoriasis. There are nearly 7.5 million Americans living with the dry, scaly, painful patches of skin typical of psoriasis. The most likely areas affected by psoriasis include skin around joints, face, neck, trunk, arms, hands, […]

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, serving as a time to raise awareness about this disease. Every 3.3 minutes someone in the United States dies of lung cancer; minute by minute adding up to 433 lung cancer deaths each day. This makes lung cancer the leading cause of cancer death in this country. Yet this […]

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy was thrilled to step up and sponsor the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event this year on October 26, 2019 at Lake Eola Park, Orlando. In addition to the BioPlus team walking the route, BioPlus held several pre-walk day fundraisers to get the fundraising off on the right foot. The American Cancer […]

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