Patient Journey

Your Journey to Better Health

Seeing a doctor for a diagnosis and prescription is often the first step to better health. BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy works with your physician to get your journey as a patient started quickly and easily. As we process your prescription, we will notify you at key moments via email and text messages. These include messages like the sample communications pictured on this page.

Patient Notifications

Pictured below are the different types of notifications that BioPlus sends its patients.  Some of these may not apply to your situation. You can always change your notification preferences via the BioPlus Patient Dashboard. This password-protected portal also gives you the ability to sign consent forms and order refills.

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Welcome Message

BioPlus will send you a welcome email and text message as soon as we receive your doctor’s specialty drug prescription.

Benefits Investigation

BioPlus will message you after contacting your insurance carrier to verify your plan’s pharmacy benefit.

PA Required

When your drug needs your insurer’s prior approval, BioPlus quickly assists your doctor with the extra paperwork. We’ll notify you when a ruling about insurance coverage is made.


BioPlus will notify you as soon as your prescription is ready to ship. You can then track your delivery via our Patient Dashboard.

Consent Reminder

BioPlus needs your consent for treatment. If we have not yet received your signed forms, we’ll send reminders based on your notification preferences.

Refill Reminder

When it’s time for a refill, BioPlus will prompt you to refill online or call the pharmacy. Either way, we will ensure that there’s no interruption in your treatment.

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