Our Commitment to Patient Health

Manufacturers realize better market penetration and increased revenue when their medications are able to fully perform as designed. BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s patient care program results in patients remaining on treatment longer than the national average, thereby allowing the treatment to achieve its desired goal. The results? Measurably higher adherence, compliance, and outcomes.

BioPlus’ processes encourage continuation of treatment through education, persistence, and understanding when feeling better is relevant to the treatment rather than a signal that therapy is no longer needed. BioPlus actively manages desired effects, side effects, and compliance assessment with the prescriber.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s Patient Care Coordinators connect with patients monthly. During this contact, key questions developed by our Doctors of Pharmacy are posed. The questions are specific to the medication, condition, and the individual. The responses are recorded in BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s proprietary software, and the resulting historic data analyzed with other key data sources provides highly relevant, invaluable information to pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, physicians, and patients.

Limited Distribution Drugs

Since we have been in the specialty pharmacy business for over 27 years, we have developed knowledge and experience of how to best handle high-cost medications. Our team has experience in managing and processing REMS-type products since 2004 across multiple disease states. As a reputable specialty pharmacy, manufacturers choose to partner with BioPlus due to the proven results of our successful high touch patient model. We customize and integrate their product programs within our pharmacy in order to support their goals by helping patients remain on therapy.

National Sales Force

BioPlus has a nationwide network of direct relationships with medical practitioners who treat specialty diseases. We provide information about therapies approaching FDA approval, study data, and education about best practices relevant to specialized therapies.

We are dedicated to service through informing, educating, and supporting providers in the interest of improving patient outcomes. In essence, we are the physicians’ partners in effective management of specialty illnesses through end-to-end education, monitoring, and analysis of the therapy process.

Customized Disease Therapy Management Services

BioPlus provides therapy specific programs to maximize drug initiatives and outcomes. These programs offer a complete approach to patient care as we help patients manage their health condition. Our Doctors of Pharmacy and clinical staff provide counseling on side effect management, compliance, adherence, drug administration and drug storage. Our trained clinicians track and trend risk assessments, communicate with the prescribers, and are available after-hours to both the patient and prescriber.

Real Time Reporting Services

BioPlus has designed a proprietary system which integrates with our pharmacy operating system that provides clinical details and metrics which are most important to our partners. Our system allows BioPlus to capture and report any type of information or data our manufacture partners need in order to obtain full visibility of how their product is performing in a real world setting. The level of customized reporting services our pharmacy provides can support in identifying any industry and clinical trends.

Additionally, we provide:
  • Pre- and post-launch market research
  • Comprehensive benefit investigation in 2 hours
  • Performance-based relationships
  • Financial assistance education and support
  • Dedicated brand support teams
  • Marketing Support
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