Psoriasis Diet

Your Patients’ Psoriasis Diet Questions: Answered!

Download your free patient handout (below) and keep it handy! Your go-to resource for answering the inevitable food-related questions that are on your patients’ minds, including:

  • What can I eat?
  • Would losing weight really matter?
  • Should I go gluten-free?
  • Can vitamins fix my skin?

Click the image below to download the PDF

2 day express-logo
2-Day Ready 2 Ship

BioPlus’ 2-Day Ready 2 Ship which promises to have prescriptions ready to ship to patients in just two days. BioPlus will inform prescribers if their patients can be shipped with our express two-day program (pending appeals and prior authorizations). This means that all clean prescriptions will be ready to ship in two days.

2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee

The 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee program from BioPlus guarantees quick turn-around from patient referral to acceptance, with physicians, patients, and patient foundations all benefiting from the program. BioPlus raises the bar for the entire specialty pharmacy industry with this program.

Fast Financial Assistance

Many, if not most, patients feel concerned about how to pay for treatment. Even patients with health insurance often find that there’s a significant gap between what the insurance company will pay for treatment and what the patient is expected to pay. The Patient Financial Assistance program at BioPlus works with you and for you to cover that gap and get your treatment funded through foundation grants, co-pay assistance, and donations.

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