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BioPlus ‘2-Day Ready 2 Ship’ Shipping Benefits & FAQ

The 2-Day Ready 2 Ship from BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is a free service offered to BioPlus patients and their physician offices. With 2-Day Ready to Ship, qualifying prescriptions are ready to ship in just two days, which is 5 times faster than industry standards.

Benefits of the 2-Day Ready to Ship include:

  • All qualifying, clean prescriptions will be ready to ship in two days, pending appeals and prior authorizations.
  • Not all prescriptions qualify for this express shipping.

2-Day Ready to Ship FAQ

  • Not all shipping speeds are available for all prescriptions and 2-Day Ready 2 Ship does not apply to medications under appeal.
  • Example: If a prescription is received on a Monday, then day one starts on Tuesday for the 2-Day Ready to Ship.
  • This shipping program works in concert with BioPlus’ 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee which ensures notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether their referred patients are accepted for treatment through BioPlus.
  • This program also works with the BioPlus financial assistance department that helps patients access fast financial assistance in the form of grants, co-pays, and donations.
  • Ready to ship means that the prescription is packed and ready to be picked up by the carrier at the BioPlus pharmacy, it does not mean that the prescription is at the patient’s door in two days.
  • Being ready to ship at BioPlus does not include time needed for the patient to provide a delivery address.

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