Linda H. BioPlus patient Description: Patient says “BioPlus has been most helpful in delivering my mediation and being available for any questions that I have.” Back

Nancy P. BioPlus patient Description: Patient describes why she thinks BioPlus has been so easy to work with. Back

Bruce G. BioPlus patient Description: Patient shares how BioPlus helped ease his worries after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and HCV. Back

Shing Oh L. BioPlus patient Description: Patients describes how the BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Team helped him access needed medication. Back

Laurie C. BioPlus patient Description: Hear why Laurie C. says she would recommend BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. Back

It’s never much fun to face a serious health condition, but having a pharmacist in direct communication with a patient makes things less stressful for patients. In fact, patient access to pharmacists who provide personal education and answers about newly prescribed medications are a key to higher levels of patient satisfaction, according new research presented […]

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