Observing the gait and walking pace of a cancer patient can serve as a sort of shorthand to assess overall patient health and even the chances of optimal treatment outcome. About a decade ago, researchers found that gait speed could be used in a general way to predict which patients might have greater challenges recovering […]

Prescription medications for psoriasis offer patients a better chance than ever before for significant skin clearance of the red, white, or silvery patches on their skin (as well as other potential symptoms, such as itching, nail changes, or cracking skin). There’s never been a better chance than there currently is for so many patients to […]

Taltz (ixekizumab, Eli Lilly), a biologic injection medication for psoriasis, shows a high level of effectiveness and the latest research demonstrates that the clear-skin response which so many patients benefit from when they use Taltz keeps up for at least four years after starting treatment. Taltz first became available in 2016 for moderate to severe […]

Psoriasis continues to be a common skin condition, affecting 8 million Americans (which is about 2-3% of the population). Each year, about 150,000 new people hear the diagnosis of “psoriasis” from their doctors; after which they will then navigate a long list of treatment options. Although many patients start out with topical treatments, it’s not […]

The skin condition psoriasis has a well-known connection to heart health. Unfortunately, the inflammation that underlies the skin-level manifestation of psoriasis also affects areas deep within the body: including the arteries leading out of the heart. This is why people with psoriasis have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, those with […]

Most people with psoriasis will have some degree of symptoms for life. But this doesn’t mean that improvement can’t happen. Medications help keep this skin disease under control and combining medication with certain dietary choices can also have a positive effect on both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (which is a joint condition related to the […]

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