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Choose the fast and easy infusion experience.

Ask your doctor if BioPlus is right for you.

ONE point of contact.
MANY ways to support you.

A nurse concierge will personalize and coordinate your care, guide you through your therapy, answer your medication questions and help you stay on track with your care plan.

Stress less about how you'll pay for your medication.

BioPlus Financial Navigation ™

In 2020, BioPlus patients received an average of $8,000 in financial assistance from outside sources to reduce their out-of-pocket treatment costs.


Choose how and where you receive your therapy. Get your infusion in a medical office or have a concierge nurse travel to where you are.

The nurse concierge difference:
An advocate through your journey to better health.

Step 1
BioPlus receives your prescription from your doctor.
Step 2
Your nurse concierge calls you to schedule your first infusion.
Step 3
Your nurse concierge enrolls you in your personalized care program.
Step 4
You receive educational resources and clinical reminders through your preferred communication channels.
Step 5
On the day of your first infusion, your home infusion nurse completes your initial assessments and starts your treatment.
Step 6
Your nurse concierge calls you after the infusion to check on how you're doing.
Step 7
You continue to receive clinical updates and reminders throughout your treatment journey.

Making your treatment process as fast and easy as possible.

Get Personalized Care Across These
Infusion Therapies.

Immune Globulin IV and Subcutaneous

IGIV and Subcutaneous


Clotting Factor

Your boarding pass to better health.

Get peace of mind in knowing that you're treated like part of our family. Throughout your course of treatment, you'll receive personalized emails and text messages with key information.

Patient Onboarding Journey

The BioPlus Patient Onboarding Journey welcomes new patients to the program, introduces the company, and outlines what you can expect during your treatment.

Patient Medication Journey

The BioPlus Patient Medication Journey delivers ongoing support and education about your medication, treatment path, and managing your condition, as well as dosage and refill reminders.

Ready for a faster and easier infusion experience?

Ask your doctor if BioPlus is right for you.

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