Say goodbye to the "phone tree" and hello to your dedicated nurse concierge.

Get the fast and easy infusion services and expertise you've been missing.

Patients Voice Their Choice.

Your patients independently choose their therapy delivery: Concierge-class care in office, at an ambulatory infusion center, or a nurse who travels to where they are.

Jump start the therapy process toward improved clinical outcomes.

That's the

The industry's first-ever 2 hour, 2 day, 2 click, 2gether promise.

2 Hour


2 Day


2 Click




Ready for a faster and easier infusion experience?

Start referring your patients today.

The nurse concierge difference:
Your patient's advocate through their therapy journey.

Step 1
BioPlus receives your prescription.
Step 2
Nurse concierge calls patient to schedule first infusion.
Step 3
Nurse concierge enrolls patient in a personalized care program.
Step 4
Patient receives educational resources and clinical reminders through their preferred communication channels.
Step 5
On the day of patient's first infusion, home infusion nurse completes initial assessments and starts treatment.
Step 6
Nurse concierge calls patient after the infusion to check on how they're doing.
Step 7
Patient continues to receive clinical updates and reminders throughout their treatment journey.

Get More From Your Specialized Pharmacy Partner Across These Key Infusion Therapies.

Immune Globulin IV and Subcutaneous

IGIV and Subcutaneous


Clotting Factor

Access real-world data and patient-reported outcomes throughout the patient’s journey.

Let us customize a medication journey for your infusion practice with special clinical prompts to better support patients and eliminate medication adherence roadblocks.

Patient Onboarding Journey

The BioPlus Patient Onboarding Journey welcomes new patients to the program, introduces the company, and outlines what they can expect during their treatment.

Patient Medication Journey

The BioPlus Patient Medication Journey delivers ongoing support and education about their medication, treatment path, and managing their condition, as well as dosage and refill reminders.

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