Patient Journey

Patient Journey

You can count on BioPlus to smooth the path for your patients. It starts the moment we receive your prescription. Your patient will receive email and text messages during key moments of the fulfillment process. These include messages like those pictured on this page. BioPlus essentially guides your patients every step of the way in what we call the “patient journey” to better health.

For doctors and their staff, the journey means fewer calls asking about the status of a drug order. BioPlus minimizes the hassle, so you can stay focused on diagnosing your patients.

Patient Notifications

Pictured below are the different types of notifications that BioPlus sends to your patients.  Keep in mind that some may not apply to every patient.

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Welcome Message

Your patient will receive a welcome email and text message at the start of processing your prescription.

Benefits Investigation

BioPlus verifies your patient’s pharmacy benefit under their current plan and notifies them accordingly.

PA Required

Our team of specialists work on your patient’s behalf moving quickly through the prior authorization process and then notifying them about their insurer’s ruling.


BioPlus will notify your patient as soon as their prescription is ready to ship. We also offer them real-time tracking of their delivery via our Patient Dashboard.

Consent Reminder

BioPlus will send reminders to those patients that have not yet signed our consent forms, based on their notification preferences.

Refill Reminder

BioPlus will message your patients when it’s time for a refill, which they can order online or over the phone. Either way, we will ensure continuity of their treatment.

95% Email Delivery Rate

Percentage of new referrals that receive
BioPlus patient journey emails

56% Open Rate

Percentage of new patients who open
the emails we send to their inbox

0.1% Unsubscribe Rate

Percentage of new referrals that choose to
stop receiving patient journey emails
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