Meet BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy


BioPlus is a leading independent, national specialty pharmacy. BioPlus is the first specialty pharmacy to introduce a two-hour turnaround from referral to patient acceptance. Our company celebrates 29 years of excellence in specialty pharmacy, working closely with payers and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as with prescribers and 340B programs to get prompt treatment for patients, and directly supporting our patients nationwide to achieve optimal health outcomes.

We provide a complete range of specialty services, including for hepatitis C, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other complex, chronic conditions. BioPlus, a privately-held, pharmacist-owned company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, is accredited by URAC, VIPPS, and ACHC with a Distinction in Oncology.


BioPlus enriches the lives of patients and customers by creating value with specialty pharmacy medications and data.


Our specialty pharmacy aims to be the best in the world for on-boarding patients and keeping them on-board. BioPlus is transforming specialty pharmacy from a price-based model to a value-based delivery system for specialty pharmacy medications.


1. eFax—easy referral process

2. Fast—2-hour guarantee, 2 day ready 2 ship

3. Facilitate—rx transfer

4. File—pa + appeal for bioplus admissions

5. Funding—financial assistance

6. Follow-up—rxcommunicator, single point of contact


Getting prescriptions from the doctor’s office to the patient’s door has never been faster. RxExpress is a free service offered by BioPlus to patients and their physician offices.

Services Include:

·       2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee which ensures notification to physician offices in less than two hours whether their referred patients are accepted for treatment through BioPlus.

·       The 2-Day Ready to Ship from BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is a free service offered to BioPlus patients and their physician offices. With 2-Day Ready to Ship, qualifying prescriptions are ready to ship in just two days, which is 5 times faster than most other pharmacies.

·       This program also works with the BioPlus financial assistance department that helps patients access fast financial assistance in the form of grants, co-pays, and donations.​

Dr. Stephen Vogt, CEO/Founder

I started BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy more than 29 years ago with the goal of building a specialty pharmacy that went beyond simply providing biologic medicines. I wanted to build a company that treats patients with individual pharmaceutical care plans to make sure that their biologic specialty medicines have the best possible outcomes.” – Dr. Stephen Vogt, President and CEO

BioPlus... Where Healing Begins in 2 Hours!

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