Jumpstart Your Dermatology Practice with Telemedicine Dermatology practices are looking for new ways to meet their customers’ needs in today’s consumer-driven market.  The Covid-19 crisis has created an urgent need for telemedicine in dermatology practices. But even as the initial phase of the crisis passes, teledermatology represents the best way for medical offices to deliver […]

The coronavirus actually refers to a family of respiratory illness-causing viruses. The virus in the news is actually a strain of coronavirus known as COVID-19. It’s in the same family of diseases . . .

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its assault on the globe and the U.S. passes 12,000 deaths from it, all eyes are on the health care industry. While the public looks to pharma manufacturers for potential …

Linda H. BioPlus patient Description: Patient says “BioPlus has been most helpful in delivering my mediation and being available for any questions that I have.” Back

Nancy P. BioPlus patient Description: Patient describes why she thinks BioPlus has been so easy to work with. Back

Bruce G. BioPlus patient Description: Patient shares how BioPlus helped ease his worries after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and HCV. Back

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